Dream World, with John John Florence

by stab October 26, 2016 2 min read

What kind of smoke and mirrors are required to entice the world’s best surfer? The promise of something fabulous, most certainly. It was Stab’s wish to recreate a dream scene, the sort you might find on the pleasant shore of the French Riviera, about half way between Marseilles and the Italian border.

It is in this place that dozens of persons might keep shade under orange striped umbrellas, a repetition of organised relaxation peppered by rawly burnt foreigners and notable and fashionable people. There would be the clink and tang of wine and a hum of jazzanova swirling through the deck chairs. Of course, none of these things would truly be there, but this would be the mood, the sentiment, that we would create beneath the umbrellas. And there in this dream world would be John John Florence, who already exists in what most would call a dream world. He owns dirt that reaches some of the surfing world’s most valued and documented coral. He is paid many millions of dollars to live on this earth and to do the thing that he most enjoys doing, and is best at in life. He travels to places that inflate the mind when words like ‘tropical’ and ‘exotic’ are loosened by tongues. Is this not a dream?

And in the real world, the logistical element of this shoot required Stab to purchase 300 umbrellas from different locations like the Sunshine Coast and Western Australia and then ship them to our chosen location in WA. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy our cheap tricks simply for their cosmetic values…

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