Dreaming Of A Clearer Vision

by stab December 15, 2016 2 min read

Here’s something thing we can get behind: VonZipper’s Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild (F.C.G.) collection.

It’s no surprise VZ’s dropping an array of stylish limited edition colours to aid their F.C.G. collection. Key word: limited – like fine art, particular models of cars and other shit that just plain runs out.

Here’s a selection of our fav styles and colours set to pretty up that face of yours. Allow us to paint a picture of what said-tones might evoke:


Wooster in Blackwood: The colour of the side of a rattling subwoofer in the summer of ’67 blaring the band Love’s version of “My Little Red Book.” It’s the colour you see when you close your eyes and let out a howl. Paired with VZ’s Wooster frames the Blackwood colourway transports your mood to a raw era of rock ‘n roll. The Blackwood is available now, but for the rest, you’ll have to wait a few months. You can dig them here


Empire in Havana Tortoise: Sea-worn, crumbling mansions wink at you between afternoon showers. Like a city of beautiful fading, pastel ruins. A couple dances beneath a storefront awning and the seawall explodes with crashing waves. Welcome to Havana, a capital of living nostalgia captured in the Havana Tortoise colorway. Paired with the Empire frames, if Hemingway were alive, he’d tip his hat to you en la calle. The Havana Tortoise will be ready for wear come 3/15/17. 


Belafonte in Cream Tortoise: In a world of sunglasses harnessing a spectrum of the “tortoise” colourway, VZ’s Cream Tortoise is discerning, intellectual and effortlessly fashionable. It’s the shade born ideas, plans hatched, and revolutions being mapped out on cafe napkin. For the Cream Tortoise you’ll have to wait ’till 5/15/17. 


Stax in Lemon Twist Tortoise: Nothing wrong with digging a toned down kit with that one thing that pops. Enter VZ’s Stax frames in Lemon Twist Tortoise. It’s the colour of Blonde and Tortoise Shell making love in the sand on a hot summer’s day. They won’t be out ’till summer… or winter depending on your respected region on the globe, 6/15/17. 

Like what you see? Check out the rest of the F.C.G Collection here

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