Drive Thru, Episode 4

Impossible. Frustrating. Amusing. 

It’s rare that those three words make sense together. But, the Drive-Thru is an undertaking like no other. 

In Episode 4, we see the crew attempt to tackle (but mostly get tackled by) one of the worst waves in all of Santa Cruz, California, a city of 15.83 square miles. It mostly seems impossible and frustrating for them, but is rather amusing for us. And somehow, they still find a way to nail a few clips. 

As many of us know, surfing challenging waves is like swinging with a weighted bat — once you get into better conditions, good surfing comes easy. This effect is on full display as the crew surfs twice more in Santa Cruz, in waves that are actually waves. 

It results in the best surfing we’ve seen in the series thus far. Notably, Griffin lands a solid backside air reverse at the horrendous beach break, then comes close on the biggest section he’s ever hit at another wave later in the day. “To come that close, I was like, ‘It’s actually possible,’” he said. “Now I can look to try that again.” 

Coincidence that he earned the first perfect 10 of the 2022 WSL seasonfor landing the exact move on a heft section at Supertubos, then proceeded to win the event?

We think not. 

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