Drive-Thru, Episode 5 

Donavon Frankenreiter has many talents. 

He enjoyed a successful run as a V1 professional freesurfer before a music career began to bud and eventually take over. As it stands, he has just over 1.5 million listeners per month on Spotify. 

Impressive range. However, if for whatever reason things fall through, Episode 5 of the Drive-Thru shows us that Donavon could always fall back on a job as a boardbag handler for any major airline. 

Let’s just say he’s a natural. 

In this episode, we also bid farewell to Dane. Fittingly, the crew leaves him at kinda-fun-looking but certainly-hard-to-surf Emma Wood while a thick marine layer coats the world in grey and Parker bleeds everywhere. 

From there, they head to San Clemente where they go bowling, pick up Caroline Marks, steal wax from Kolohe, surf T-Street, and toe the line of indecent exposure in the historically conservative Orange County.

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