Drive-Thru, Episode 6

by Stab April 13, 2022 1 min read

As far as many of us are concerned, E-Foils only exist out there in surfing’s most distant fringe, in a territory occupied by Zuck and E-Lo and a handful of confused and mysterious elites.  

In Episode 6, the Drive-Thru crew gives them a whirl so we don’t have to — and they actually look fun, until they buckle and throw you violently into the water. The gang also demos a handful of other lagoon toys and almost burns down a boat. It would not, however, be this episode’s most catastrophic incident in/around a vehicle.  

We won’t spoil it, but it was enough to make filmer Nate Leal (who you must remember from his Wheel Of Fortune fame) vomit. 

This episode also brings us the best surfing of the series so far in the form of a Lowers super session. Perhaps due to Griffin’s presence, perhaps magically, perhaps as a result of bringing Barney’s ashes along, every crew finds a way to pluck some gems out of what can be surfing’s most frustrating lineup. 

In retrospect, however, the post-session Pedro’s Tacos may have been a bad idea.

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