Dru Adler, Duranbah, Australia

by Simon Muirhead March 08, 2016 1 min read

How hard is it to throw a 6’7″ frame over a section, d’ya think?Ask Dru Adler. Taller than most basketballers, Dru’s been hucking himself skyward for quite some time. Dru’s name popped up on the grid when he won the first-ever Quiksilver Airshow back in 2000, (remember those?). He’s spent the last 10 years jetting over Gold Coast lips and rounding-out the rest of his game.

According to photog Simon Muirhead, Duranbah had been firing the day before this shot was taken: “I think Dru was pretty cut yesterday when I kept texting and calling him about pumping D’Bah with barely anyone out except Occy, Mick (Fanning), etc. All I got back was an sms that said “I’m working”. So I amped him up for a dawnie before work today, but the bloody swell had gone. Another one-day wonder. Starting to get depressing. Lucky the man-giant is an aerial master!”

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