Drug Aware Pro On Hold Because Of Sharks In The Lineup

by James Royce April 09, 2017 1 min read

After seven days of silence, the final run of men’s action at the Drug Aware Pro sputtered off this morning. Aside from John John Florence clocking three formidable nines, things were relatively quiet.

Until Kolohe Andino and Filipe Toledo paddled out for the second semifinal, which was a short affair on account of unwelcome disturbances in the water. Filipe and Kolohe were about eight minutes into the heat when they noticed sharks swimming in close proximity and immediately made the executive decision to put the heat on hold. 

“We were about five, ten minutes into the heat when we saw splashing,” said Kolohe. “Neither one of us could surf after that. I paddled over to Strider and said, ‘There are sharks over here!’ We were just sitting out there with no idea what to do, I was sitting by myself. I couldn’t even think”

“I was trying to talk with Kolohe, and guys on the ski were saying it was fish, and I knew there was more than fish,” added Filipe. “But we got out and they’re going to clear the lineup (the jet skis are equipped with Shark Shields technology).”

Before leaving the water, Kolohe was chasing Filipe with a combined 8.84, hot on the tail of the Brazilian’s 9.50.

“Definitely a good opportunity for Andino to reset,” chimed in Ronnie Blakey.

Detailed contest report on the way soon

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