Dustin Barca’s Barrels Of Revolution

by stab August 16, 2016 1 min read

Dustin Barca’s not scared. That’s for sure. He’s been packing Pipe and Backdoor tubes for as long as we can recall. The former CT surfer turned MMA fighter, turned candidate for Mayor of Kauai and has been one the most vocal in the fight against corporations such as MONSANTO and their use of Kauai as a base for testing pesticides, and engineering and developing GMO’s. 

“The biggest war chemicals corporations in history are now in charge of most of the world’s seed production and have changed the DNA of certain crops. They have patents for a lot of crazy stuff in food, from viruses to chemical warfare. No joke!” Barca tells Stab. “I don’t advise anyone to just listen to me. Go do your own homework, dig deep and follow the history of DOW chemical, duPont/Pioneer, MONSANTO, BASF and Syngenta. These are the chemical corporations who have taken over our food sources.”

Mr Barca’s fighting for his beliefs. And, he’s battling back against the invasion of his home island of Kauai, which has “become a ground zero for chemical testing.” On a side note: his surfing hasn’t faltered one bit.

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