Dusty Payne and security pal, Jakarta International Airport

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Hawaiian Dusty Payne’s first surf trip back since injury just came to a close. And it ended in tiring fashion. A 17-hour boat ride from Northern Sumatra to Padang, followed by three flights. Dusty had been swerving through an Indo island chain with Yadin Nicol, Alex Gray, Andrew Doheny, Zeke Lau and photog Tom Carey, who shot this, before bouncing outta there in time for the Hurley Pro, Trestles (which starts in five days).

The journey home to California was a four day stint. At one point, the clique stopped for a connection at Jakarta Airport, where Tom snapped this photo of Dusty waiting with a security guard, looking a shade weary but mostly composed. You can bet that Dusty, the country music and hip hop aficionado, either has Wiz Khalifa or Garth Brooks popping through the cans on his head. If that sounds like your flavour, check out the kid’s Stab FM mix here.

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