Dusty Payne, dwells, at length, in the Mexican Heavens

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Want to know Dusty’s kinkiest secret? His secret swing? Apart from his lil French bulldog, I mean? Country music. And if you were to travel through mainland Mexico with Mr Payne you might become be a convert to the maligned genre ‘cause Dusty ain’t going to let anyone else near the music player. Look in his room and…right there… a cowboy hat and boots. Oh, he’s into stewardesses, too. The lil cupcake hat, the pencil skirt, the trussed-up teats and the slicked and pinned hair and school mistress vibe, hoowee, it does something right there in the pubis mons, don’t it cowboy! Thrills aside, here we see a pulled-back angle of a much-photographed wave, one identified usually by the creamy rock background. What is most satisfying about this photograph is it’s photographic proof that Dusty is back to his Lost Atlas-esque best after a couple of years lost through injury. “When the waves get over five foot he shits on everybody,” says the photographer, whose metaphor conjures the ghastliest, and yes kinkiest, of images.


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