Dusty Payne, front row tunnel, Peniche

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Dusty Payne eliminated Jordy Smith in the Rip Curl Pro, Portugal. Two men who helped define a new era of performance surfing! And, Dusty, only a coupla events back from injury, with renewed energy and passion (a few months outta the water will do that to a man). How good does life look from inside a tube this green, with screaming fans only just visible on the sand. But, now the Hawaiian faces his room mate during the Portuguese stint, and the current world number one, Joel Parkinson. Both men are students of trainer Wes Berg, both are regular footers, but each has a completely different game. The joys of competitive surfing, huh. Watch it all unfold in a few hours’ time.

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