Dusty Payne, stylised shuck, Bali

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

We ain’t even tired of Keramas shots! And especially not when they’re of Dusty Payne, and even more especially not when they’re as dynamic as this. A lengthy stint at the skatepark righthander just came to a close for Dusty. He wore jerseys in the Oakley Pro, then hammered to Durban for the Mr Price Pro, then returned to Bali for another stretch at Keramas, this time with Volcom label mates Zeke Lau and Andrew Doheny. And while the first stretch there was exciting and whatever else a world tour competition is, the second stretch was pressure-free and liberating and, as we’ve seen from our snippets of documentation, straight-up fireworks. And y’can expect a more extensive gallery to come shortly, the quality of which will be v top shelf… stay tuned.

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