Dusty Payne, Telos-pop musik (track three), Indonesia

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

The Telos stint that Dusty Payne (pictured here) is currently on, wit Droid Doheny, Alex Gray, Zeke Lau and Yadin Nicol, is his first trip since returning from injury. Ankle injury, to be precise, which involved the Hawaiian landing funny on a shorebreak air-reverse in California, hearing a click and continuing to surf on the injury until it all became too much. Kid hadn’t hit the water all year, had done no WT events, then a coupla days’ before Chopes started, a clip turned up that showed Dusty steaming through some Staddie bowls. Then, of course, he turned up to Chopes. But it takes a bit to get back into competition and things didn’t go so swimmingly. But, according to Tom Carey, who shot this, Dusty looks to be no worse for wear and is surfing with a grip of power and flair.

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