Dusty Payne, the sound of violence at Pipeline, Hawaii

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Yesterday the Volcom Pipeline Pro was not held. This is because the Pipeline was deemed too big to hold the event in. But even when it’s as threatening and ominous as it gets, there’s always a small team of brave/crazy men who wanna take a dig. “Scary, huge, dangerous, cold, rainy,” says photog Ryan Miller, who was shooting the whole fray. “That’s how I would describe the waves. About one percent of the professional surfing world would describe it as fun. While most of the surfing world was sitting on the deck of a team house, like I was, scared to even get a few raindrops on the head, Dusty Payne, along with a few other brave soldiers, were out at Pipe. It was every bit as big as it gets while still being rideable. Wash through sets were the norm and would smash the whole lineup just about every 30 minutes. In between those sets dudes like Dusty were picking off some huge tubes.”

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