Dusty Payne Was Just Hospitalized Via Backdoor

by stab January 09, 2018 1 min read

This morning, we watched the Pipe cam and thought, “It looks fun today, almost playful.”

Then, we spoke with photog, Tom Carey, who informed us Dusty Payne had suffered a horrific incident at the wave we’d just called “playful.”

But, the “playful” days at Pipe are always the ones that fuck people up.

“Dusty got a six-maybe-eight foot Backdoor bomb and didn’t make the drop,” Tom told Stab. “He kind of fell funny and it looked like he might have gotten sucked over the falls and hit his head on the reef.”

He was underwater for a while and Keoki (Saguibo) started yelling for help. I knew it was Dusty immediately. They got him to the beach, revived him and got him breathing. He was yelling in pain when he came to, which was a good sign. He was breathing. It was a pretty bloody scene. I’m just glad he’s alive.

“He might have broken his jaw,” continued Tom. “It’s too early to say anything else. Thank god he’s so fucking strong.”

Our thoughts go out to Dusty and his friends and family. Knowing the hearty Hawaiian, he’s on his way to healing up already, and we’ll look forward to seeing him on the mend soon. 

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