Dylan Graves, autumn leaves, Bay of Biscay

by Daniel Russo March 08, 2016 1 min read

Such a small (five-six!), but well turned-out creature is Dylan Graves, 26, from the beguiling Puerto Rican town of Isabela. But, today, instead of tending to his fighting cocks (a tradition in PR), we see Dylan tending to a high-tide bank in Hossegor, France. If Stab could offer one piece of advice about the nearly 200 km stretch of sand that connects Hossegor to Archachon, tis this: get to know the banks ‘cause there ain’t ever that many. Maybe half a doz or so in the whole stretch! The bank, pictured here, was located exactly one-hour north of the Quiksilver contest site in Hoss. Pat Gudauskas, who appears later in this photo spread, and Dylan, whom we see here, had been scoring it small before the contest. “The wave was breaking 20 yards off the beach and was a perfect sand point with wedge take off,” says the photographer, Mr Daniel Russo. “I wanted to capture the beach scene and the ocean scene all in one.”

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