Eddie Rothman is displeased with the ASP

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

On the list of surfing personalities the general populous would wanna agitate, Eddie Rothman is very, very far from the top. He’s a necessary force of protection for surfing’s mecca (Hawaii), and a very vocal one too – a fact reinforced by this clip, shot by two filmmakers while doing research for the film North Shore 2 (in a quest for some contemporary Hawaiian perspectives).

Eddie not-so-subtly expresses some views about the ASP and logistics behind the Billabong Pipe Masters. The new ASP is strict and very formalised. Now reaching the end of its first year, it is treating Hawaii like every other world tour event in terms of wildcards, according to Eddie: Proposing that two locals are allowed in the event. The Billabong Pipe Masters has historically had 16 wildcards, before being trimmed down to eight. Hawaii does play by its own rules and the idea of only having two surfers in the event won’t fly.

Here’s the thing: Hawaiians stick together and they certainly do control the Pipeline. And, there is always something dramatic that unfolds every season on the North Shore. More than just world titles. This will certainly have gums flapping.

More to come soon…

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