Eight Young Guns Just Took One Step Closer To $10k

by stab September 06, 2019 2 min read

The hourglass ran out for Quiksilver’s Young Guns Instagram submissions last week. And, after careful deliberation, we (being Stab) plucked our eight favorite groms out of the hashtags. 

This was a tall, anxiety plagued task. Kids these days are tearing waves faster than a paper shredder through legal documents. There were tubes, rotations, flips, carves, and claims. There were good music selects, and a few songs, that, to our pious ears, were downright appalling. But something as trivial as music choice did not weigh in our selections — we looked for surfing in its purest, most unadulterated form. We looked for rail, barrels, and punts. And we didn’t look for them in isolation, we wanted to send well-rounded rippers into phase two: The public vote.

The top eight (in no particular order are): 

Justin Becret 

Luke Swanson 

Leo Casal 

Oscar Berry 

Joel Vaughan 

Brodie Sale 

Levi Slawson 

Jett Schilling. 

Here’s how Phase II will go down (The voting starts September 10): 

– The voting period will take place from Sept 10-17th. 

– On @quiksilver’s Instagram story, each day one of the top eight’s clips will be posted. 

– Each clip will feature an Emoji slider which will allow people to cast their vote and send whichever surfer present to the final.

– Every clip will live on Quiksilver’s story for 24 hours. 

– Once they’ve all been posted and voted on, the Young Gun with the most votes will earn a spot in the final (only one out of the top eight will advance to the final) 

– The final four will consist of Mikey Wright, Kanoa Igarashi and Zeke Lau’s picks plus one from the top eight selected by the public. 

– Then it’s off to Portugal for a chance at $10k 

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