Eimeo Czermak Wears A Coat Of Thick Armor

by Ethan Davis August 26, 2021 1 min read

Eimeo wakes from the Friday 13th swell nursing torn feet and a broken body.

The day before he towed Chopes for his first time ever, catching sets in the largest swell since the ‘Code Red’ swell in 2011. He’s made some incredible waves and taken some incredible beatings.

The next morning the waves are smaller but still pumping. Paddleable backlit blue tubes under the Polynesian sun. The invitation is accepted, and Eimeo drags his broken body over to his dinghy, zooms out to the channel, and puts on a paddle clinic at still sizeable Tahiti on a brand new CI.

The kid’s an animal.

Watch the first episode from his new series ‘High Line’, here.

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