Eithan Osborne’s Signature Pro-Lite Grip Is For Those Who Like To Fly

by stab December 21, 2019 2 min read

Eithan Osborne spoke his first word at six months; it was “gaaaasss.”

At five, Eithan took an interest in ramps; it wasn’t until he was seven or eight, however, that he popped his first wheelie. By ten, he locked down an air-rev; he claimed it vigorously. At 16, he learned how to drive, but he wouldn’t get his license for another year. We’re not exactly sure when Eithan lost his virginity. At 19, Mr. Osborne won $20k for the biggest air at the inaugural Stab High in Waco, Texas. And, at the tender age of 20, Eithan applied his first deck grip.*

He sure has come a long way.


Earlier this year, we – and by we, we mean our creative director, Shinya Dalby – designed Eithan’s first signature grip with Pro-Lite. It’s minimal, mostly black, with a dark red blotter border. The set comes with five pieces: three for your back foot, complete with a high kick, and two for your front foot complete with a soft yet firm grip. Eithan claims it’s the best pad he’s ever used, and who are we to say it isn’t. After all, we helped make it.

It’s almost Christmas, so you do yourself, or your ramp-savvy companion a favor and click here, enter all sixteen digits plus a CVC code on that piece of plastic in your pocket and buy one. 


The Eithan Osborne signature pad is available whenever now!

Here’s another hyperlink, just in case you missed the first one. 

*Apart from Stab High and the day Eithan put the adhesive onto his Neck Beard 2, the factuality of the above timeline is, well, uncertain.


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