Electric Acid Eats Art At The Volcom Pipe House

by Stab December 10, 2019 2 min read

The never-ending party train entered the station. Dinah stopped blowing her horn. And last night, Volcom adequately filled the void of Billabong canceling their annual Kam Highway banger on the eve of the Pipe Masters. For a Sunday night at this time of year, most of the North Shore was quiet. Maybe observing the Sabbath, perhaps just watching Netflix and chillin’, and the small Volcom House (there are two) that overlooks Backdoor turned the volume up to 12.

They held their annual art show featuring a smattering of surfer/art-folk, including a few precious and very not-for-sale Shawn “Barney” Barron pieces. They sat next to all of Noa Deane’s tripped out, colorful surfboards from the Acid Test, which we filmed earlier this season on the North Shore. Noa also placed some fine art on display, this year it was a vacuum cleaner with his name scrawled across the bottom on sale for a reasonable $500. Last year, he nailed a hammer, or maybe a wrench to the wall and tried to sell it for a grand. Both items are more than likely still at the Volcom House, possibly even being used by the groms in the dungeon who must keep the house clean if they want to keep their steady supply of food, brews, and a place to lay their head.

Around 8PM, once the guests lubricated themselves into a well-oiled shindig, we put the film on a makeshift piece of wood loosely secured to the backyard fence–rigged like jimmy. Perfect. What we showed last night was Noa picking up the Wade Tokoro shape for the Acid Test. The board itself is a replica of what Noa’s father and Australian surf icon, the late-great Wayne Deane would ride back in his heyday. As Noa’s father passed away earlier this year, this board is the most special craft in the film and we wanted to highlight that. That, and show Noa having on helluva swing at Pre-Season Pipeline on a board about a foot bigger than what he’d typically ride, a 7’6.

After the sneak peek ended, the party continued in the way parties do. The parents brought the groms home, the big kids stayed out late, and eventually, everyone retired to their respected rooms and houses conveniently located within the seven-mile stretch

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