Elegance And Charm Has A Way Of Warming Even The Coldest Of Landscapes

by stab March 14, 2020 1 min read

Since we would all probably use a little pause from the current madness unfolding all around us, here’s a little change of pace edit from the inimitable Kevin Jansen aka Robots From Outer Space. 

Filmed over a strike to Eastern Canada with three of the Small Wave Underground’s It Girls Hanna Scott, Margaux Arramon-Tucco, and Karina Rozunko, “Nice To Know Ya,” is basically a cheeky ladies road trip, complete with heavy logs and some alt-left equipment well-suited to the soft points they found. 

Here’s RFOS on the film: “As with most surf trips that have a small time window, we spent every waking moment that we weren’t in the water, driving. Our trip dates fell both luckily and unluckily right in the middle of the Island’s first big storm of the season, so each day was spent getting to a place where the 90 km/hr winds had a somewhat more favorable effect on the surf.”

“We did in the end find fun waves, and we did learn that cold, persistent rain, and non stop driving is not for everybody. The storm eventually faded and thankfully the sky turned into a creamsicle haze. It was everybody’s first time to Canada except for Hanna although she is from the other side of the country so Nova Scotia is still novel and fuzzy feeling for her, especially the autumn leaves on hills. Please enjoy our film.”


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