Eli Steele, the rehab route, Sunshine Coast, QLD

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Cut down in his prime. Six months ago Eli Steele, the gent you’ll remember here, was completing the menial task of a one-foot floater. He trimmed, he floated, he landed, and proceeded to catch rail and obliterate his shoulder into a six-month rehabilitation. “It’s an inferior dislocation, one percent of shoulder pops happen this way,” says photographer Matt O’Brien. “The result is some nerve damage, tendon and ligament damage and an impact compression fracture. He’s only 19 and we figured six months off high performance surfing is better then having a half healed injury that’ll only keep coming back time and time again. This shot was taken during his first session back and it was actually his first attempt at throwing a stale since his injury… His approach reminds me a lot of Noa where they can go high and bone the shit out of airs without any speed.”

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