Eli Steele, wind-assisted stale, QLD

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Heard of Eli Steele? He’s from the Sunshine Coast and is a hard worker. Which you’ve gotta be right now. “This was taken on a day when most were flocking to the points to score 15 second barrels,” says our photographer, Matt O’Brien. “We ignored those perfect waves and chose to hit the windy ramps of Wurtulla, because being a professional surfer ain’t all about having fun, especially when you’re an underdog like Eli. You’ve gotta work your way to the top. And if that means surfing shit waves in order to get that shot, then so be it.”

So, what else does Matt have to say of Eli? And, more particularly, this stalefish grab (the hardest of all grabs)? “Kids with this much raw talent can’t stay hidden for ever. I mean, fuck! Look how solid that grab is! most guys and gals give it a lil’ tap, but not Eli, he’s fortunate enough to have that Julian Wilson/Jack Freestone grab going on.”

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