Elton Sanchez, tail clear in Nicaragua

by Benny Crum March 08, 2016 1 min read

Prior to it becoming the flavour of the month for many a strike mission, Nicaragua already housed a buoyant little surf scene, which we’ve quickly discovered is oozing with local talent. Elton Sanchez is a 22-year-old surf artist raised in a small fishing village in Northern Nicaragua. As you can see, Elton is partial to the occasional jump, and photographer Ben Crum reckons he’s got a fine blend of old-school power and new-school aerial antics.

“I’m working with a surf camp in Northern Nicaragua for the American summer and when I’m not shooting guests I’m focused on the locals,” says Ben. “I shot this one of Elton Sanchez the other morning at a semi-secret shorebreak sandbar near Chinandega. His unique approach to wave sliding and water jumps displays his creative mindset. Elton’s only sponsor, the Thunderbomb Surf Camp, provides not only Elton but other local surfers with funds and transportation to travel to contests along the coast.”

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