Engrained – An ode to the Ocean with Brett Burcher, Russell Bierke & More.

Documented over 18 months, Engrained is the brainchild and passion project of cinematographer Darcy Ward and Brett Burcher.

The 21 minute film follows the travels of Brett and a close bunch of friends as they traverse the globe, letting the wind and wave patterns dictate their next destination, while slowly drifting back toward the waters of home.

The waves, as you’d expect of a cast including Brett, Russ Bierke, Sean Mawson, Louie Hynd and Paul Morgan, aren’t for the faint of heart. Filmed in Ireland, Scotland, Tasmania, The Australian Outback and the East Coast of Aus, it’s dark, moody and thrilling surfing, and is captured and pieced together by Darcy Ward perfectly. Backed by poetic narration written by Brett himself, Engrained is a fitting ode to the life of a surfer dedicated to the ocean.

“Our main objective for the development of Engrained was to combine and portray our passions, Darcys ‘filmmaking’ and my ‘writing’, through our love for the ocean and all things that are engrained into it,” Says Brett of the motivations behind the project.

“We wanted to invite the audience to perhaps reflect on their relationship, or deeper understanding with or about the ocean, a particular location or anything at all they are passionate about. Writing the text for the narration instilled an emotional connection and doubled as a representation of the underlying beauty and appreciation we both have for the locations and experiences attached to each trip.”

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