Enjoy the Crisp Aesthetic of Chilli’s Bali Store

by stab March 08, 2016 2 min read

There’s no better feeling than boarding a plane in pursuit of the ultimate self-indulgence: perfect waves. The only thing that sucks about surf travel is lugging boards. Or, arriving to find a bag of small foam and fibreglass chunks. However, if you’re heading to Indo there’s now a perfectly simple solution. You’ll see the unenlightened at Denpasar airport lugging huge board coffins, perspiring profusely whilst they’re getting frisked at customs (wondering if they’ve been Schapelle Corby’d… lol). But not you, you’re trotting through with a small duffel: trunks, sun screen, couple of tees, more trunks, straight into the first Blue Bird cab.


A modern take on the classic Balinese boardstore. Only this one comes with replica Eames furniture and every dimension of craft that your heart could desire.

Chilli Surfboards BaliYou dodge the mysterious surfboard charge, and zip straight to Sunset Road in Seminyak. Once there you leaf through the well-stocked racks, picking up a sleek new Spawn (maybe even a Fader Step Up if you’ve the heart of a lion). Indonesia is then your aquatic treasure chest, and you just got a brand new craft with all the trimmings, without having to pay to lug it to the airport, pay to take it on the plane, so on…

Buying surfboards in Bali used to be a sweaty, tedious affair; expensive imports, limited dimensions… but now, arriving board-less is a viable option. Get a cheaper flight, loose the luggage fees, and indulge in the self-gratification of a shiny new mini quiver to go with your fabulous surf vacation, you affluent devil!

The new Bali HQ is just the latest notch in Chilli’s chic new direction. Truly a surfboard company for the millenials; range of board models, highest quality materials, meticulous approach to aesthetics, and now… a Seminyak address. Bravo.

Chilli Surfboards Bali
10x Sunset Road

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