Enter The Feels Like Freedom Photo Challenge For A Surfboard And Bragging Rights

by stab February 21, 2018 2 min read

We’re talking perfection. The day of days. The dreamscape. The one you’ll talk about forever. The ones you’ll never see again. 

But, we don’t wanna just hear about it – no fish tales here. We want proof because as the boys (and gals) at your local watering hole say, “if there’s NO proof, it didn’t happen.” 

And we agree, which is why for the next six months, we’re going to recognize the best photos from North America that capture perfection and freedom. Freedom to dream. Freedom to mind surf. Freedom to share. Freedom to call bullshit. Pure unadulterated North American freedom!

We’ll publish entries as they come in to encourage photographer’s best work. Sorry, locals only. Each photo entry needs to be from a local photographer, from one of their local spots. We’ll get proof. 

Winner will have their photo framed at a local participating surf shop, receive one of Jordy Smith’s boards from Stab in the Dark 2017 (we had 12 identical boards created when the originals were), and have a Full Frame feature on this here site. 

Remember, we want romance. We want the stuff dreams are made of. We want imagery that incites lust, aspiration and jealousy. 

KS 10 6 10 7 swell 7228

The designer threads of South Swell in Southern California.


Kailey Skelton

How to Enter

Share your best photo on Instagram with the hashtags #StabFullFrame and #FeelsLikeFreedom along with @Stab and @OneillUSA. The winner will be chosen by us! 


  • Photo must have hashtags and tags to be entered.

  • Photo must be published within contest time frame and be shot in North America.

  • Submitted photo must be taken by you. Please don’t steal other people’s work. 

  • Photos can be new or old; however, the timelier the better. 

  • Photo must be non-published. We want fresh! 


Malibu, the bold. Malibu, the beautiful.


Caleb Keller

Contest Window

  • Six Months: February – August (You got a while, get snapping!)

  • Winners will be announced in September.

Winning Prizes For The Winning Photographer

  • A Full Frame Feature on Stabmag.com.

  • Your framed photo will live in your local surf shop until they tear the walls down. 

  • Jordy Smith board from Stab in the Dark.

Brian Beilmann Pipeline

The Banzai Pipeline as seen by one of the best to ever shoot her.


Brian Bielmann

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