Enter Your Email and Win a Year’s Worth of Rip Curl Wetsuits

by stab December 11, 2020 2 min read

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Based on our extensive research (not wanting to brag, but we’ve been at this a while) Rip Curl wetsuits are the number one rubber brand that you, the great unwashed, want on your backs.

In light of such findings, we’ve partnered with the Curl to give away two prize packs that if you surf, frankly, you want.

Each pack (one men’s, one women’s) features a suit for, as Rip Curl put it in their correspondence to us, “every, damn, season.” Whether you live in the Maldives, Norway or anywhere else in between. That’s four suits: winter, spring, summer and autumn, and the associated value (premium rubber, rightfully, don’t come cheap) is a whopping $

Now we don’t exactly need to sell you Rippy’s neoprene props, but here’s the spiel. Torquay’s finest have been pioneers of keeping us/you warm and limber in the surf for over half a decade, which seeing that they came of age (and still reside in) a place where winter sees the water temp plummet to 12°C, makes perfect sense. 2020’s not the golden age of much apart from wetsuits, but if you like surfing in toasty comfort, then The Curl’s racks are nirvana, from the Flashbomb Heat Seeker (that actually heats up as you paddle around), to the E-Bomb E7, which is so supple that even Elastigirl wouldn’t send it back. 3,500 waterproof Australian dollars.

On the off chance you still need convincing to hit the link below and enter your email address, here’s exactly what you could win. The men’s package consists of one Flashbomb Heat Seeker 3/2mm or 4/3mm, one E-Bomb E6 3/2mm, one E-Bomb 2mm Short Arm Spring Suit and an E-Bomb 1.5mm Wetsuit Jacket. And the female package involves a Flashbomb Heat Seeker 3/2mm or 4/3mm, a G-Bomb 3/2mm, one G-Bomb Madison Long Sleeve Boyleg 1mm Spring Suit and a G-Bomb 1mm Long Sleeve 1mm Spring Suit.

Which is a very longwinded and hyperlinked way of saying: “It’s a bloody good prize, so you should probably just hit the link below and enter.” (Entries close 26th October, 2020).

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