Episode 3: The Electric Acid Surfboard Test Starring Mason and Coco Ho

by Stab June 25, 2021 1 min read

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Welcome back to the Electric Acid Surfboard Test. 

Mase and Coco are seven days deep, seven boards down and the JS Big Baron Twin is quickly becoming a standout, along with the new channel bottom twin shaped by Simon Jones, the Morning of the Earth Au Go Go. But before beginning the cull, they wanted to ride their entire quiver in full.

On this episode a slot channel twin fin shaped by Matt Parker, a winged rocket fish shaped by Rusty Prisendorfer, the Basque Country late arrival, Pukas’ Acid Plan, and finally Thomas Bexon’s Mod Fish fish, and a 9’3 Harrison Roach model Thomas shaped knowing Coco’s taboo talent riding a proper longboard. 

This episode focuses on surfing’s female face of perpetual youth, as she slides gracefully into her thirties this year. Why? There is much more than meets the eye to Coco Ho. 

Enjoying her first time off in twelve years, and having spent 99.9% of her time riding standard equipment since qualifying at 17, we couldn’t have picked a better test subject than Coco.

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Episode 4 will premiere Tuesday, June 29th

Episode 5 will premiere Thursday, July 1st.

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