Episode 4: Vans Stab High, Central America, Presented by Monster Energy

by stab August 11, 2021 1 min read

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Enough giggling and Imperials, it’s time to narrow the playing field.

Episode 4 of Vans Stab High, Central America, presented by Monster Energy, follows our aeronauts during the qualifying moments for our final battle.

The make ratios for Brazilian superstar Mateus Herdy, Costa Rican local Malakai Martinez, and Florida boy Robbie McCormick thus far are remarkable. Still, Matt Meola has managed to make a statement with just a handful of successful punts.

The main topic of discussion: The Monster Air.

In the previous renditions of Vans Stab High Presented by Monster Energy, the Monster Air was awarded to the surfer who launched the highest above the lip and stuck the landing. This time around, however, our aviation crew requested we make some changes to the scoring criteria.

Click here to find out who made the final, which will air this Thursday, August 12 @ 7 pm PST.

Episode 5 will be a bit different than the previous ones. While you can watch the event free of charge, our Stab Premium members will judge the final waves of the event and determine the winner. Anyone with a Stab Premium membership will be able to cast their vote during our live broadcast and choose the winner of Vans Stab High presented by Monster Energy

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