Eric Geiselman Grippy And Tricky In Indonesia

by stab September 04, 2018 1 min read

Eric Geiselman is one of surfing’s more underrated heart throbs.

The Floridian strokes six strings with the same level of grace as a corked Keramas spin – and he’s got the personality to match.

This is the latest dispatch from grip crafters, Gorilla. Though they’re not peddling any new tech here, it ain’t no sales pitch.

Instead they’ve pieced together some of Eric’s latest Indo home movies into a high energy hype clip, which proves throughout how well their product is at keeping their star performer’s feet firmly secured. Even after soaring a few body lengths above the lip, or towards the second half, riding high-paced foamballs.

Recline your chair, elevate the volume and bump the brightness (as the final scenes get a little moody).




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