Eric Geiselman Has A Signature Performance Softboard

by stab November 29, 2017 1 min read

Repeat after me, “expectations are my enemy.” Surf philosophy 101 states that: Buying the signature board named after your fave surfer won’t make you surf like them, just like adding a softboard to your quiver won’t guarantee you’ll have a blast every time you participate in cringeworthy conditions. Got it? Great. We’re one step closer to the ideal headspace. 

So what do we have here today for you in the wonderfully functional world of #stabhardware? Well, Floridian Eric Geiselman and Softech have birthed a soft craft that actually looks like it can do more than gain speed in small waves or take a closeout like a champ. In fact, if you watch Eric above, you’ll notice that his Flash Model is more than capable of taking to the sky when presented with a kicker or drifting out a foam-tapped reverse.

EGFlash SliderBoards

According to Softech, Eric’s signature board was designed with a fuller nose and forward volume, to get you up and riding easily, and a pulled-in tail for when you’re ready to wipe that speed off in a hurry. It wouldn’t be a performance softboard without a decent fin system – Mr Geiselman’s squishy shape has FCSII boxes. Overall the thing looks lively and Eric’s demonstration has our interest piqued.

Here’s the specs for those curious:

Size: 5’0″ / 5’7″ / 6’0″ / 6’6″
Shape: Shortboard
Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
Stringer: Single stringer
Fin Setup: Tri (x3 FCS II Fin Setup) 
Fin System: FCS II
Volume: 5’0″: 38L / 5’7″: 42L / 6’0″: 48L / 6’6″: 54L

EG Lineup

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