Eric Geiselman, Hawaii

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

The life of a pro surfer sure ain’t what it used to be. You must be a one-man media machine. You need to make web clips, and get your photos double-tapped and get those precious @tags! Oh, the relentless of it all. Eric Geiselman has a clever plan. He has his girl who is also a pro surfer, attractive and she films! She spent her Hawaiian vacay filming from the deck of the Oakley house while boyfriend E tore the Backdoor through Off the Wall and Insanities stretch. His frenzy before he sent this clip live was intense. “You think Dane uses Final Cut Pro or Premiere?”, he asked of Mr Reynold’s editing software, before speed balling all kinda tech talk. “I like how Kai Neville edits, he edits to the down beat while everyone edits to the top of the beat.”

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