Erica Hosseini as Bo Derek

by stab February 22, 2016 1 min read

In the 1979 Blake Edwards film, 10, Dudley Moore’s character is in love with Julie Andrews, but is fascinated by the sultry Bo Derek. With her beaded and plaited cornrows and gold one-piece swimsuit, Bo somehow managed to take two of the most tacky things imaginable and use them to cement herself as an iconic sex symbol.

So iconic, in fact, that the look’s still being emulated today. Defy magazine recently shot surfer gal and timeless beauty Erica Hosseini in mock-Bo regalia. “I got my white corn row look going on for a Bo Derek inspired photo shoot in Santa Monica forDefy magazine,” wrote Erica on her site. “It was a brutal four hours of braiding, not to mention some tedious bead work in the car racing to catch the last light before sunset, but it was a success. Tommy Garcia took some awesome photos and I couldn’t be more pleased with the spread.”

Just as Bo effortlessly did, Erica made the usually cringe-worthy style look phenomenal, yes?

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