Erin Brooks In ‘No Hesitation’

by Ethan Davis November 22, 2021 1 min read

Erin Brooks will have been on surf folks’ radar for almost a decade by the time she turns 20. 

Her surfing has a captive audience, and whether it’s in pools, punchy beach break closeouts, or in idyllic Mentawais lineups, Erin’s surfing blows minds

Erin is soaking up every last ounce of opportunity coming her way. She’s multi-lingual, interested in the culture of the places she’s visiting, and taking on all of the daunting tasks that come with having a profile at a young age in her stride. 

In Vans Stab High Costa Rica Presented By Monster Energy, Erin picked up the mic for bubble talk and did an incredible job interviewing the best aerialists in the world. Many of whom seemed kind of stunned by her ability to seamlessly intuit a task and roll with it. 

It is scary when someone young has such an unshakable confidence and belief in themselves. Erin has it in spades. She’s charging and progressing women’s surfing as a young teenager and it’s inspiring to watch. 

Watch the Ladybird keep pushing her limits at solid Kanduis.

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