Escapism, But Make It Fashion

by Corina Rose Stephens February 04, 2022 5 min read

If it’s possible for a piece of clothing to feel like a faraway island, complete with monkey-filled trees, plumeria-scented breezes, and a perfect peeling wave on a nearby outer reef…it would probably have a Billabong Womens label on it. 

Having established itself as the go-to brand for playfully feminine beach attire, Billabong Womens continues to hone the craft of creating pretty yet practical pieces for anything the modern beach-going or cosmopolitan babe could hope to be doing.

Going on a hike up Pupukea? Bike shorts. Hoping to be swept off your feet? Flowy dresses. Lounge-y surf-check-filled Saturday? All the knits!

In short, if you’re into feeling simultaneously cute and comfy (both physically and financially), look no further than BB Women’s latest seasonal drop. Brimming with timeless yet on-trend swim, sportswear and day-to-night pieces, this range is more full of styles worth stocking up on than the La Croix aisle at Costco. 

Not just for show, these suits look cute but go hard.

Including styles with names like ‘So Dazed’, ‘Out for Waves’ and ‘Summer High’, it’s clear the range was designed with Hawaii in mind — sun drenched days, long lunches with friends, sandy-footed bike rides, and drinks at Lei Lei’s included. Not only were these styles made with maximum fun in mind, but also with the well-being of the Aina, as every single style in this Billabong swim collection is made with recycled fabrics. No joke. I did the scroll-work.

Speaking of dreamy tropical surf locales and land stewardship goals, we caught up with native Hawaiian photographer and waterwoman Ha’a Keaulana on the occasion of Billabong Womens latest ‘Know the Feeling’ release, focused on her home island of O’ahu. She shared with us some of her favorite looks from the Billabong Womens range and how they fit into her personal surf- and day-to-day lifestyle.

In Hawaiian, ha‘aha‘a means to be humble and to learn from others. So let’s glean some insight from Ms. Keaulana

So Dazed Olivia Underwire Bikini Top in Marigold

Oh so mango!

The era of swim-meets-sportswear crossover styles is here to stay and we’re for it. A fresh take on the oft-uncomfortable underwire, the So Dazed Olivia bikini top offers flawless style and stable support equally in one effortless swoop. Super soft (did we mention it’s recycled?) fabric in a gorgeous golden hue brings to mind mai tais mixed with pure liquid sunshine…that you can wear. A word of warning, however: be prepared to field all of the compliments (and questions on where you got it)! 

Paired with Biker Babe Shorts in Tie Dye 

Reliable, not racy.

In case the four-word combo ‘tie-dye-bike-shorts’ hasn’t already won you over, consider the super stretchy yet soft cotton jersey fabric chosen by the BBW design team, for minimum chafing and maximum wearability. Add to that a refreshing creamsicle colorway and you might as well say goodbye to every pair of denim cutoffs you ever thought were comfortable.

 And Tomorrow Bucket hat in Natural

Your sun spots will thank you.

Stop looking, we’ve found it: THE bucket hat. Fashioned from sturdy, washable (again, recycled!) cotton canvas, this throwback-turned-mainstay accessory ticks all of the boxes. Is it cute? Yah. Can you wear it with anything? Yah. Does it make you want to go sailing? Obviously. Instant lewk. 

Why Ha’a Loved It:I loved this look because it had a little beachy street flair to it.

Daisy Craze Coco Tie-Front Bralette Bikini Top 

A classic, but modern.

In an age when redux’s are a regular occurrence, it can feel like the fun has gone out of recreating past styles with an up to date twist. Not so with the Daisy Craze Coco Tie-Front Bralette. Retro rib and ditsy florals bring a vintage vibe we’re ready for, while fully adjustable straps and a tie-front detail offer a fully customizable fit – something every girl about the shore is on the lookout for.

And Daisy Craze Avalon High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Just beware of the tanline.

I like to imagine that if Marcia Brady and Gidget (or, more accurately, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman) did a collab, this is what they would come up with. A playful print, supremely high-waisted cut, and full bum coverage make these bottoms ideal for logging tons of water time or simply looking like a sweet & salty snack on the beach with your Moondoggie. 

Why Ha’a Loved It:This bikini set reminds me of the 60’s. Cute and flirty and sporty.

Summer High Maui Rider Bikini Bottoms in Fern

This is what afterpay is for.

I want these. You want these. Who wouldn’t want these? Featuring textured fabric in a verdant green to remind you of your eco conscious purchase, cheeky bum coverage and a high hip-cut (can’t see the line, can ya Russ?), these bottoms feel fresh and sexy without going over the top. 

Why Ha’a Loved It: I love this cut, it’s perfect for surfing and stays on, and the color reminds me of the mountains at home.

So Dazed Maui Rider High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms in Marigold

Yes: they’re as soft as they look.

So cute… oh, did I just say that out loud? Well hell, they are! A beautifully cut style that hits that sweet spot on the waist, the So Dazed Maui Rider High-Waisted bottoms are perfect for knee-paddling, duck-diving, and generally looking stylish in the water or out. And in that illusive color that seems to look good against any skin tone, these are a timeless go-to for any gal. Get them before they’re gone!

Why Ha’a Loved It:This is a perfect bottom with So Dazed Olivia Underwire Bikini Top in Marigold. I love how this color pops on my skin and of course it’s another awesome suit to surf and do ocean activities in.

Split Spirit Floral Pants

So floral, you might photosynthesize in these pants.

Yes, they’re pants, but they are also so much more than pants. Ridiculously versatile, these Split Spirit style, now in its second iteration, can live poolside, at cocktails, on a luxe resort vacation and everywhere in between. Tropical floral motifs pay homage to the lush island foliage and remind us of secluded forest forays. To be brief, we could all use a pair of these in our closet. 

Why Ha’a Loved It:This pant is the perfect flowy comfy pants. You can go from the beach with a bikini top or throw a cute blouse with it and head over to a party with the girls.

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