Ethan Ewing Made The Most Of Falling Off Tour

by stab August 12, 2018 1 min read

If there’s any consolation for Ethan Ewing falling off tour after his rookie season, it’s that he got to surf the best swell of the season on his home island of North Stradbroke, while the 2018 Quiksilver Pro ran at pretty good Kirra a few dozen clicks to the south.

And North Straddie is a lovely place for a surfer to build his fledgling skill set – with azure wedges galore and the odd point  swell – but as someone who’s trying to usurp the top names in surfing, Ethan might consider breaking free from his coastal cocoon and migrating somewhere with more hutzpah and grit, like Portugal, South Africa, or even West Oz.  

But before anybody starts pointing fingers, one must consider the Premier Gold Platinum Infiniti Lord status Ethan has achieved on the North Strad ferry.

They’re probably paying him to ride at this point.

And it sure would be a shame to waste that lifetime achievement by migrating elsewhere.


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