Etnies Kicks Its Way Back Into Surfing

by stab September 18, 2021 1 min read

In the early and late-90s Etnies stormed the skate and surf footwear scene, with one of the most interesting teams in skateboarding (Jason Dill, Elissa Steamer, Mike Vallely, etc.). 

They were one of the first footwear brands from skateboarding that bridged the gap to punk rock, indie music, and surf. Their surf team over the years has had everyone from Mason and Coco Ho to Conner and Parker Coffin. 

A three-finned Asher Pacey takes flight.

You might recall seeing old magazine ads featuring Asher Pacey, Jamie O’Brien, and Brett Simpson. Whether it’s skating, BMX, or surfing, Etnies has kept true to its roots.

Most importantly, they were one of the first brands to introduce sustainability initiatives, and have planted two million trees with their “Buy a show, Plant A Tree” campaign.

Today, they have returned with the new Ranger LT, designed to keep up with surfers constantly on the hunt. The shoe features a vegan-based upper, a foam insole to increase breathability, and a tread pattern on rubber outsoles for extra grip. 

The shoe is sleek, and less bulky than the puffy skate shoes we once begged our parents to buy for us. The coolest etnies customers could always be spotted from across the skatepark, with their intricate lace design.

There are several colorways of the Ranger LT for both men and women, and a variety of builds using materials that favor breathability or more weather-friendly activities.

Shop the full collection here.

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