Evan Geiselman, Oceanside

by Jimmy Wilson March 08, 2016 1 min read

Picture this: you’re surfing some fun little lefts at your home break, with not too many guys out, when a car full of young kids rolls up. They jump out, start waxing up, and before you know it the crowd has doubled. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Perhaps not.

Consider, for a moment, that if the car full of kids consists of Evan Geiselman, Kolohe Andino and a bunch of their friends, you could be in for one helluva show. According to photog James ‘Jimmicane’ Wilson, “Kids like Evan can do crazy airs on basically anything that moves”. So if you gots the front row seat, you know you’re going to see some crazy flair.

The Hurley Pro is on at Trestles at the moment, so Evan is staying at Kolohe’s house. They took a break from the crowded contest site to go jump off some waves at Oceanside. According to Jimmy, “I guess we brought half the crowd but there were way too many people surfing out there for the quality of waves that were available. Probably similar to the amount of people who were surfing Lowers that evening which should never happen. Solid swell is on the way. The Hurley Pro is going to be firing for the final two days.”

Things can get crazy when the circus comes to town. – Elliot Struck

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