Evan Geiselman, slob on the other side, Hawaii

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Currently, Floridian Evan Geiselman is staying right on the beach, on the North Shore’s Off The Wall/Pipeline strip. The sun’s been out, the waves are smallish but fun and the living is easy. But, there’s crowds.

Yesterday, Ev decided to get away from the crowd and go search for waves on the other side of the Waimea Bay. Photographer Spencer Suitt, who was out there shooting, picks up the story: “He was basically the only guy out at this particular area for an hour or so,” says Spence. “Then he was joined by friend Jack Freestone and some weekend warriors. The guys were trying to go mad on this air wind left.” This wind-assisted slob was one of many hits Ev played.

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