Evan Geiselman, working it out b-side, Costa Rica

by Jimmy Wilson March 08, 2016 1 min read

Evan Geiselman’s down in Costa Rica. Kid went down there to work on his backside surfing. Imagine thinking turns like this need work. Also along for the ride is Mike Dunphy, Asher Nolan, Shea Lopez and a bunch of Ev’s pals from New Smyrna, FL. Oh, and of course, superstar photog James ‘Jimmicane’ Wilson.

“We haven’t scored great waves,” says Jimmy. “But it’s been super fun and rippable. It’s just been typical Costa Rica really, but Evan is putting on a clinic out here. He’s been gathering tons of clips that are gonna drop on his blog (coming soon). After a few days down here, I would already bet on this single blog segment blowing away almost everything on Innersection. It’s gonna be legit, he’s just surfing that good. Any doubts people have about his backside (if there were any to begin with) are going to be erased.”

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