Even Pros Have Truly Appalling Sessions

by stab October 02, 2017 1 min read

Here’s an existential quandary for your Sunday/Morning morning: Do pros have more fun surfing than average joes, on account of their superior skillset, or is enjoyment truly relative? Like, does a full-rotation air for Filipe (something he’s done hundreds of times), feel equally as whatever as a floater for you, me, and Dupree? I’d like to think no, but the human condition is such that I remain uncertain. 

One thing that’s not relative, however, is a truly awful session. In fact, I think pros feel bad sessions more than the average joe, as evidenced through their guttural screams and fist-to-fiberglass unions. In the video above, Parker Coffin never goes full Hulk, but maybe that’s due to his generally happy demeanor… because this session is Rick-Kane’s-first-time-to-Hawaii bad. Not sure if it’s a faulty sled, wonky conditions, or if Parker was more hung(over) than a Nigerian mule, but the end result is both comedic and a warm reminder to the joes of the world: it happens! 

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