Ever Seen A Kid So Genuinely Giddy To Get Smoked At Sunset?

by stab April 18, 2020 1 min read

We wish all U16 grommets getting flown to the North Shore were half as grateful as Marlon Harrison.

The Gold Coast upstart recently found himself in Hawaii, and gol-ly did he make the most of it.

The astute Mr. Harrison has picked up on the fact that a polished rail game and fearless approach isn’t gonna cut it anymore. The truth is, surfers who are willing to add “content creator” to their resumés are much more likely to retain contracts than those who rely on talent alone.

Episode one of “Good Morning” is a welcome, vanity-free addition to the surf vlogasphere.

Starting each day with a vertically-angled selfie recording a resounding “good morning”, Marlon’s enthusiasm is only rivaled by his bedhead, which would leave even Sir Isaac Newton puzzled.

Nothing screams “grom” like free-falling eight feet out of the Sunset bowl and washing it all away with a Foodland run of Dreyers and Razzleberry tea.

For all the fun being had, Marlon’s gratitude never fails to shine through, as evidenced by his final clip: “Its about 6 o’clock in the morning, and I’m tired as, tired, so tired. Just want to say thank you to everyone. I made heaps of friends, had heaps of fun, it was the best.”

Click in for 4 minutes of youthful North Shore Good Mornings with Marlon Harrison.

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