Ever Wish You Could Relive Your Best Tubes Of The Year?

by stab January 04, 2017 1 min read

If you read this site you surf. It’s simple. And whether you’re rather handy, halfway decent, or a Wavestorm bogging novice who recently acquired the so-called “stoke”, you’re aware that the end goal is to slide into cylindrical space of the wave. While rail, down the line and aerial manoeuvres are pleasant, we’ll take a piping sandbar over a long mushy point any day of the week. Every year, there are always a few barrels that are framed grabbed in your mind – whether they’re that dark brown closeout you got in Baja Malibu, that one wave you froze for at Ocean Beach, or the day in the Ments that you saved and shelled out two grand for – they are the waves you can’t keep to yourself and like fish stories they grow a bit with each telling. 

Ry Craike’s a man that spends his time in West Oz and if it’s worthy, he keeps his GoPro rolling. As a result his POV clips rival that of Anthony Walsh, Alex Smith, Mikala Jones, Alex Gray and Benji Brand’s. We’re not all lucky enough to have video evidence of our best barrels of 2016, but that’s okay, because if we did, they’d probably disappoint. In the meantime, stick to your memories and get lost in Mr Craike’s reality. 

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