Every day’s a lay day with Rob Machado

by Matt Paul March 08, 2016 1 min read

Then contest’s been called off for the past few days, but there’s still been plenty of good waves on the island. Here’s Rob Machado sliding into Pipe’s best offering yesterday. He was a people’s favourite back when he was on tour, and that hasn’t changed much; he’s still one of the styliest surfers in the game. Now that he’s off the tour, which he has been for some time we don’t see much of him. But when we do, it all comes together in the same fashion as always. “As a master of style it’s hard not to notice Rob plugging a Hawaiian tube,” says lensman Matt Catalano. “Here he is making art yesterday morning in super clean Banzai conditions.” When you’re Rob Machado every day is a lay day.

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