Everything’s Not Working Featuring Dion Agius

by stab November 03, 2016 1 min read

There’s something beautiful about the nature of DIY. So, here’s a surf-talk show under the influence of god knows what. But in surfing, we’ve gotten a little too serious, too concerned about our appearance, and the kind folks at Lone Wolfs surf shop in Venice Beach decided lay down an unsuited hand and call it a flush. Here we get the first episode of Everything’s Not Working presented by Lincoln Hardware (a hole in the wall hardware shop in Venice that has no idea they’re ENW’s primary sponsor)- which is silliness we can’t help but dig. They also filmed the whole thing in Brad Gerlach’s garage, unbeknownst to him. Get rid of those judgemental sentiments and enjoy a slice of irreverence…however, we know you little avatars all too well by this point and are aware making the previous statement was wholly irrelevant. 

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