Excuse Me, Do You Speak Surf?

by Brendan Buckley August 02, 2021 4 min read

Surfing has its own language. 

Last week, we went into how that language forms sentences that are abruptly abandoned due to the sudden appearance of a sometimes good, sometimes average wave. Now, let’s go through some of the ideas that we do eventually communicate to completion. 

When you meet someone who surfs, you get a feel for their knowledge base through clues revealed in the concepts they choose to share and the lexicon they employ. Ex: The difference between suggesting you surf Racetrack on low and suggesting you’re careful to only surf Uluwatu at high tide, and between the terms hold-down and undertow. 

It gets much more complicated. 

There are some things we say which we don’t really mean. A sick wave, for example, is usually rich in vigor. And that’s the iceberg’s tip. 

Here are some of my favorite things we say, and what they actually mean. 

It was a little bit walled = Every single wave stretched across the entire fucking beach like China’s great wall and collapsed anti-climatically. 

I don’t know, it looks pretty walled out there = These conditions are beyond my comfort zone. 

I woke up early and checked the cams, but it didn’t look like it was doing it so I went back to sleep= I just woke up. 

I might just wait for the tide to fill in = I have no intention of surfing today. 

It was pretty fun (when the waves are small) = That was surprisingly enjoyable. 

It was pretty fun (when the waves are big) = I sat in the channel. 

There a couple out there? =Could you please provide me with an intricately detailed surf report? 

It was seven-to-nine foot = I should immediately be detained and investigated by the highest and most capable authorities. 

My board has, like, a liter too much volume= I will never know satisfaction in life.  

The foam ball almost got me= I lost my balance and was fortunate to regain it. 

That turn? Ah thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I kinda felt like I bogged= That was legitimately the best thing I have ever done on a surfboard. 

Nah, you go on this one = I am confident that a significantly better wave will arrive in the near future. 

I don’t even really watch the WSL anymore = I watch the WSL. 

The swell angle today is 301 degrees= I am sexually frustrated to a maddening degree. 

Any you’d like to share? 

Photo by ISA

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Photo by Cestari/WSL


Would you prefer to get the jab or spend 100 days in hotel quarantine while competing on the World Tour? This is a question that some professional surfers are asking themselves. And so, we disrobed, hit the discotheque, and dove in. 

Comment of the week 

When you reference a porn star, which is a commenter cliche, you gotta make sure you’re hitting a home run. Nice work. Here’s the piece he was referencing, btw—shoutout to the IOC for getting our video removed. 

One last thing: 

A cherished pastime of mine is watching people take surfboards into the ocean at times when conditions such as high tide or a severe lack of swell have eliminated any realistic shot at a rideable wave. They typically sit out there, hunched over, gripping the rails, motionless… 

Truly fascinating. 

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