Extra Large Cloudbreak Part 2 – Fiji

by Tracks July 18, 2011 2 min read

“When it comes to surfing 12-15 foot perfect Cloudbreak I’d choose knowledge…”

Nathan Fletcher lining up the inside section while those in the boat contemplate their own leap of faith.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge…” Albert Einstein.Nine times out of 10 I’d agree with old AE on this one; but when it comes to surfing 12-15 foot perfect Cloudbreak I’d choose knowledge. Being creative and trying all different types of backhand grabs, or sideways late take-offs, sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon surfing four foot Uluwatu in Bali, or Rocky Point on Hawaii’s North Shore, but not life threatening Fijian tombs of blue. The conditions last week were so perfect that Tracks own Pacific Pirates Dean Bowen, Mikey Brennan and David Scard could have been forgiven for lapsing into a false sense of security and taking of willy-nilly. As it happens stories of broken ribs and the like are filtering back… but you can read all about it when the feature pops up in a future issue of the magazine.

Here is just a final little taste of the wonderous Pacific Island’s of Fiji.

All photos: Rod Owen

Dean Bowen on a smaller clean gem… While wide guy panics to himself, “Hope there’s not a set wave behind this?”

David Scard gets a quick adrenaline shot paddling into his first wave of the trip.

Tasmanian Mikey Brennan takes the reigns of the Sea-Doo to ferry Scardy back into the line-up.

Can you tell this is the first time David Scard has ever tow surfed?

There has to be one – unknown goofy footer absolutely loving life in Fiji.

This shot appears almost dreamy until you zoom in and imagine yourself to be Garret McNamara.

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