Eye Exam: How Many Tubes Can You Spot In This Photo?

by stab October 24, 2017 1 min read

September, as we have stated far too many times on Stab, was one of the worst months in west coast surf history. I have absolutely no factual data to back up that claim; only memories of anger and depression, as I watched the east coast spin to perfection and Pacific rollers nipped at my heels. But oh how quickly things can change.

October has seen non-stop swell, with the first pulse hitting on the 6th and at least five more (from both northerly and southerly directions) following in its wake. This week has been particularly special, with a combo swell met by Santa Ana winds, forming the pristine fall peaks that SoCal dreams are made of. 

The photo above was taken in Oceanside on October 23rd. The lensman, Eric Henderson, sent through so many incredible images that we had a near-aneurism trying to decide which one to run. Ultimately, we decided that five(+) empty tubes was more stoke-inducing, and more exemplary of the current state of affairs, than anything else. As I type this, the sun is slowly creeping over the desert horizon as thousands of Californians prepare for another day of glorious, glorious surf. 

See you out there. 


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